Hajime chiryouin
address1-21-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TELJapan 03-3563-3345

A message from the head of the acupuncturist.

I opened an acupuncture salon in Ginza, the center of Japan, because I wanted to energize people around the world.
Thanks to all of you, I can do my best! Thank you for your continued support.

一治療院 院長プロフィール
The head of the acupuncturist's profile
 Naohisa Hayashi.Born in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Graduated from Kuretake Acupuncture College/li>
  • Head of rehabilitation department at an orthopedic clinic in Yokosuka City
  • Deputy manager of a massage salon in Yokohama. I have gone through various experiences.

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